Hello friends! Like so many, I found my plans dramatically altered when the COVID-19 pandemic sent the world sideways. What was to be the busiest performance season of my little career cancelled, seemingly overnight. Suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands, so I chose an equally dramatic pivot to express myself from home.

Introducing The Two-Plys of Coronet County. I've created a web series! The Two-Plys is a Southern Gothic-pandemic-toilet paper roll-soap opera starring some of the, I think, best recycled paper thespians in the biz. I'm thrilled to finally share this project which I've been working on since early April 2020. Tremendously talented folk singer and Fringe artist Willi Carlisle was generous enough to lend his skills in crafting the theme song. And I've poured so much of myself into every frame.

I hope you enjoy what I've created. Making the Two-Plys has helped me cope as another tragic, disgusting, infuriating event piles on top of this seemingly insurmountable mountain of poo that is 2020. Fortunately, what's better for wiping away a bit of poo, if not toilet paper?


Enjoy and stay safe xo Dandy Darkly 

Episode 1 -- "Pink Petunies"


The daughters of the Two-Ply dingleberry wine dynasty visit their Mama's gravesite. A mysterious voice beckons Loo Loo to follow while Cottonelle encounters a childhood friend in The Two-Plys of Coronet County debut. Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 9/25/2020

Episode 2 -- "Grimoire"


Cottonelle attempts to cheer Big Daddy's spirits with news of a romantic liaison while Loo Loo warns of a supernatural threat headed for Coronet County. But does Big Daddy know more than he's letting on? Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 10/2/2020

Episode 3 -- "Mister Fortuneteller"


Big Daddy learns a powerful secret from his recently returned wife, Lavenda, and Cottonelle seeks the help of a peculiar fortuneteller. Will the Two-Plys unravel the riddles in time to save Coronet County? Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 10/9/2020

Episode 4 -- "Teen Detective"


Loo Loo is determined to suss out the evil threatening Coronet County, but what the youngest Two-Ply uncovers isn't quite what she expected. Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 10/16/2020

Episode 5 -- "Royal Flush"


Cottonelle Two-Ply visits the Royal Flush Casino to remind Scott Kirkland about her forthcoming Cotillion. Will it be smooth sailing for the newly reacquainted love birds, or does Scott Kirkland risk sinking the ship? Find out now! Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 10/23/2020

Episode 6 -- "The Ascension"


Lavenda Two-Ply reflects upon bittersweet memories of life before her death, but can the sorceress convince a skeptical Cottonelle of the incredible power that is the birthright of the Two-Ply's eldest daughter? Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 10/30/2020

Episode 7 -- "Stomp Off"


Hoping to steal the Two-Ply wine secret recipe, Scott Kirkland begs Big Daddy for Cottonelle's hand to her Cotillion and in doing so faces the ultimate test of macho endurance — an Old Fashioned Dingleberry Stomp Off! Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 11/6/2020

Episode 8 -- "Supersized Cotillion Finale"


You are cordially invited to The Pink n Pretty Masquerade Ball Princess Cotillion of Miss Cottonelle Two-Ply. Series created by Dandy Darkly. Theme song by Willi Carlisle. 11/13/2020

“A spectacular storytelling performance that is completely distinctive. If you are looking for a show that will emotionally haunt you and intellectually dare you, Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard! is the ride of a lifetime.”

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine  

“Grotesque, profane, profound and laugh-out-loud funny, Dandy Darkly’s All Aboard is exactly the one-of-a-kind experience Fringe was invented for.”

Orlando Weekly

“Of all American performers none comes close to the creative eloquence of queer storyteller Dandy Darkly. All Aboard! is a wake-up call to mankind — taking out fame, the mob mentality of social media and the rise of the far right around the world.”

The Stage

“Traditional storytelling at its finest – the roots of what defines humanity, shaped and sculpted for the present. A can't miss performance."


“There’s no one like Dandy Darkly, a transporting, charismatic and psychedelic experience in which the passion for justice burns as strongly as delight in the macabre.”

The Scotsman

“A decidedly wicked storyteller.”

New York Times

"Dandy Darkly is wickedly mischievous, creative, joyous, boisterous, lyrical, brash, poetic, funny and entertaining!"

FringeReview San Francisco

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